Logo Description

Dr. Khoo Boo Khean
The logo of Pejuta was designed by Dr. Khoo Boo Khean

Embodies the logo of PEJUTA with a solid green perfect square, indicates the source of membership, signifies the solid support of PEJUTA and upholding of its moto “Cekap Dan Lengkap” and all its rules and regulations, without which members of Pejuta can not call themselves professionals but just a common working class from which ethics and integrity is hard to demand from.

The logo of PEJUTA, originally designed by our great mentor, the late Hj Ahmad Daud, is further ringed with an yellow circle which forms a prominent and permanent ring of unity which spells “United we prosper, divided we extinct”. Since all members of Pejuta are of one trade, friendly competition may be necessary but cutting each other is absolutely discouraged. The PEJUTA logo incorporates points, lines, circle and triangle which are pertinent in the field of land surveying. Land surveyors are after all, practicing geometricians. The Colour scheme for the logo is :

Black represents professionalism.

Green represents the habitable globe. It is  the determination of its size, shape and the demarcation of parcels of plots on it, that offers the business and livelihood of  land surveyor. The Green also indicates our determination to make all land developments green and sustainable.

The Green block also symbolizes that land surveying and its professionals are essential building blocks of national building, because a well functioning survey system  in turn reduces land conflict, supports real estate taxation, ensure loan security, protect land resources and supports urban planning .

Yellow was that tiny candle light kindled by the founders of Pejuta in 1979 to bring hope and posterity to this fragile profession called land surveying.

Credit to Dr. Khoo Boo Khean